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Saturday, November 6, 2010

First Grade Book Love

I came across this book on another blog I just started following called creative literacy. I needed something to jazz up a rut in writing workshop so I used it the very next day with the youtube videoTHIS is the video that really got me into this book though! Adorable! I was a little hesitant the next day when I thought what if THEY don't like it as much as I did OR think it's too easy for them? Well, just as I had hoped they loved it right away! I heard them giggling in the beginning and they started singing along immediately!  JUST what I needed that day to pump up the inspiration again!  They also immediately got the idea (that I was going to plant in their minds ;-) ) that we could make our own versions!  We changed the animal and the clothing and I had a room full of singing busy writers!  They created the most adorable books and noticed such great details from Pete.  I'll definitely be adding this one to my classroom library...and probably giving it out for a few christmas gifts this year as well! Check it out!

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